Decide who you need to reach

Consider the different segments of your audience and identify the best ways to reach them. In doing so, be aware of those groups who have been traditionally under-heard within your community. Getting their voices around the table is crucial for representative decision-making.

Devise a communication plan

To get people engaged, you’ll have to get the word out. Choosing the right channels to spread your message is vital. Consider existing communication channels – such as your website, local newspaper, social media, or newsletters and combine online and offline channels to ensure you reach a wider audience.

Also consider new, out-of-the box methods to promote additional excitement and engagement! See how other cities around the world have used creative methods to engage their residents.

One mid-sized city in Belgium placed large, colorful chairs on the river to make inhabitants look at their city from different perspectives when looking at community development.

By choosing channels deliberately and developing a plan upfront, you will be able to maximize the reach of your engagement and ultimately create more inclusive and representative policies for your community. No more scrambling to get the word out, you’ll be ready from day one to maximize your engagement.

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