Trademark policy

Trademark Policy

The brand and word “Go Vocal” has trademark protection in some countries around the world and by common law. Various Go Vocal™ trademarks are owned by either Go Vocal NV or one of its associated entities. The law obligates trademark owners to police their trademarks and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties.

Through this policy we’d like to make it clear how Go Vocal-related projects, organizations, and people can use the Go Vocal™ trademark. We’d also like to be clear about how use is restricted when used to promote commercial Go Vocal™ branded services. We do this to protect the very business model that allows us to continue developing our open Go Vocal™ software platform for you.

Allowed uses of "Go Vocal™"

The following uses don’t require any permission at all:

  • Referring to the Go Vocal software as the “Go Vocal™ engagement platform”;
  • Describing your own implementation of the Go Vocal™ engagement;
  • Describing a Go Vocal-based community hub;
  • Describing certain software you’ve made that integrates with Go Vocal™ branded software (e.g. a Go Vocal™ integration feature on another system).

Restricted uses of "Go Vocal™"

The following uses are generally prohibited without explicit and direct permission being granted to you by Go Vocal NV. We do this to protect the Go Vocal™ brand, and avoid confusion with other software and sites. Please contact us to ask for permission in writing.

  • You can’t use any “Go Vocal” logos without prior written consent from Go Vocal NV.
  • You can’t use “Go Vocal” in the name of your software (including Mobile apps).
  • You can’t use “Go Vocal” in your company name.
  • You can’t use “Go Vocal” in your domain name.
  • You can’t use “Go Vocal” in advertising-related keywords (such as Adsense).
  • You can’t use “Go Vocal” to describe services around Go Vocal (such as hosting, training, support, consulting, course creation services, theme development, customisation, installation, integration, analytics and certification) that cause consumers to be confused that you are associated with Go Vocal HQ if you are not. This applies even if you do not charge for the services. Note that usually only Go Vocal Partners have this permission.