CitizenLab becomes
Go Vocal!

What does the ideal world look like for you? 

Here’s ours. Imagine a world where governments tackle complex issues with confidence and unity. A world where community members actively participate in shaping solutions to challenges like balancing development and sustainability, building representative infrastructure, and cultivating a vibrant place where everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

This vision hinges on trust. Trust that our governments are working for their residents, and trust that communities will speak up to advocate for their and others’ needs To achieve this, public servants, as true drivers of positive change, have been working their hardest to bridge the gap with residents. While there are challenges, there is also a strong desire on both sides to shape better communities, together. It is through fostering meaningful and efficient engagement that we can fully tap into the power of the community and its collective intelligence to create lasting positive impacts.

Making community engagement more accessible and decision-making more participatory

Determined to become architects of systemic change, CitizenLab was born. Our team addressed the critical issue of building trust between governments and residents with an innovative digital community engagement solution.

Initially met with skepticism, our relentless pursuit of impact and empowerment has made us the go-to partner for forward-thinking governments worldwide. And we didn’t stop at just providing a tool. We have been actively shaping the industry by defining best practices, constantly refining our platform, and exploring new ways to enhance engagement processes.

From democracy and citizen lab to the centerpiece of a strong local democracy

Since CitizenLab’s start in 2016, we've empowered over 1 million community members and helped 500+ local governments and organizations foster a culture of engagement for more inclusive decision-making. Welcoming and supporting all of you on your journeys has been truly inspiring!

Today, that democracy lab we once started out as no longer defines us. We've grown beyond our beginnings as an ideation tool and have become a centerpiece for local democracy, empowering communities to go vocal and be involved in local decisions, whether it’s through online or offline participation, and empowering governments with the tools for efficient, inclusive, data-driven decision-making. 

It's time to step into our new identity, one that reflects the partner we have become. A partner who enables you to foster meaningful and efficient engagement and helps you translate valuable community input into lasting positive impact. 

We’re Go Vocal.