Navigating Polarizing Issues With Effective Community Engagement

June 27, 2024
June 27, 2024
Navigating Polarizing Issues With Effective Community Engagement

Join us for an insightful webinar where the City of Benicia showcases its journey in enhancing and expanding traditional in-person engagements through the innovative digital platform, Engage Benicia to address contentious topics in their community. Learn how Benicia is fostering dialogue and rebuilding trust amid polarizing issues by transforming its engagement methods to be more inclusive, effective, and responsive to the diverse needs of its community.

Here is what we'll cover

  • Navigating Contentious Issues: Discover how Engage Benicia facilitates balanced representation and engages diverse stakeholders on topics like refinery operations and environmental safety.
  • Rebuilding Trust: Learn about strategies promoting transparency and accountability to address past erosions of trust due to controversial projects.
  • Inclusive Dialogue and Policy Integration: Explore how community engagement fosters nuanced dialogue among diverse groups, shaping policies that reflect the plurality of perspectives within Benicia.

Reserve your spot today and gain a fresh perspective on enhancing public participation and fostering trust through proven, innovative engagement methods.


Della Olm
Public Service Administrator & Public Information Officer, City of Benicia, CA
Sarah Horton
Director of North America, Go Vocal

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